Mpeg StreamClip to Transcode


  • (Mac or Win): Mpeg StreamClip
    • For the purposes of this explanation, it is version 1.2.
    • It is a stand-alone executable, no “installation” required.
  • Mpeg StreamClip:
    • List > Batch List > Add Files
      • (select file
      • Click the [To Batch] button
    • Select [Export to QuickTime]
      • Say NO to [Join all the files] and [Fix timecode breaks]
      • Specify a destination folder
    • [Movie Exporter] dialog
      • Slide Quality up to 100%
        • Why would anyone want anything less than 100%  What’s the cost / tradeoff involved here?  File size or execution time?
      • Select the required codec.
      • If source footage is progressive then deselect [Interlaced Scaling]
      • Click the [To Batch] button
    • [Batch List] dialog
      • Confirm the displayed list of files to transcode
      • Click the [Go] button.

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