QuickTime 10 – Warning

Based on other people’s experiences, I am always wary of new versions of QuickTime.  I haven’t tried this one, and don’t intend to.  Some evidence of potential problems:

  • [http://www.lafcpug.org/phorum/read.php?1,260877,261037#msg-261037]
    • Problem:
      • … when I exported my sequence using the Prores Codec, … it changed the colour of my sequence, adding a reddish hue/ saturation to it.
      • On my search round the web there seems to be quite a few people with this issue, but is there any fix for it ?
    • Likely cause:
      • QT 10 (QT X) is the worse thing Apple has unleashed to the Apple audience. It is NOT ready for release…and why it is on these systems…really only for consumers, but still…not ready.
    • A proposed fix (if QT X has already been installed):
      • Look in your UTILITIES folder for QT 7. Move that into the APPLICATIONS folder. Right-click on QTX and COMPRESS it. Then trash the app. This way you still have it, but it won’t be available as an application, and any QT file will default open with QT7.
        • This “hack” was advised by Apple to Shane Ross.  Pretty credible then…
      • Alternatively, use the Get Info dialog to set all QuickTime movies to open with QuickTime 7 Player
        • (although for some reason if you set a WMV to open in QuickTime Player 7, Flip4Mac keeps changing it back to QT X).

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