Boot Camp 3.2 Update – Yes or No ?

NO! …Not at the very least until such time as I have no pressures and fancy an experiment (everything backed-up of course). On my Jan 2010 MacBook Pro (unibody), most things “ain’t broke” at present, the only issues are that the FW800 port and ExpressCard ports work only in Mac OS, not Windows 7, but I’ve found no explicit mention of these issues having been fixed. Shame, quite a few Windows people are put off Macs for that kind of reason.  On the other hand while some people report no problems, others do report issues (sometimes due to old/unhandled existing nVidia drivers on their systems), as follows.

  • nVidia driver problems affecting install, display (and possibly keyboard).
    • Installation may hang or fail or appear to succeed but not completely in practice.
    • Screen may appear at low-resolution (e.g.VGA) or may black-out
    • Sleep (power management) may give a BSOD.

Research: (Google: [“boot camp 3.2”]):

    • (Good overview of how to install it)
    • I’m curious what Apple means by “This update adds support for the ATI-Radeon HD 5870 graphics card” since my MP came with the 5870 and I’ve been using it on Windows without any problems. I’m just wondering what, if anything, will change.
    • Other than having to reset my keyboard back from Apples UK map to something I prefer, it went without a hitch.
    • My seems to have installed fine. I need to check that it didn’t downgrade my graphics drivers, since I try to keep up with the lastest drivers directly from nVidia (for the game performance increases). But, otherwise, nothing seems amiss.
    • I installed but it didn’t seem to make my speakers louder when I’m using Win 7 Pro. When I reboot back into OS X, the speakers are loud and strong, but under Win 7, they are barely audible. Am I missing another driver or something?
    • The power management driver is apparently defective. When Windows goes to turn off the laptop’s screen, or go to sleep when the lid is closed, it produces a BSOD. I have to disable the power management functions in order to use the computer.
    • I had the same issue with my MBP since the Boot Camp 3.2 install.  I solved the issue by installing the latest video drivers from NVIDIA’s website. No problem after that.
    • …the screens turns black occasionally, first I thought that the computer freezed but if I have a music track on the sound still comes out.  But the only way to recover is to hold the power button in for 3 sec and turn on the computer again. This is very annoying.  I’ve tried this but nothing helped.
      • Installed new Intel INF Drivers (9.1.1 something) from intel website.
      • Installed new Nvidia drivers 260.99
      • It happend both on battery power and without.  Connected to internet or not. WiFi or Lan doesn’t seem to matter.
    • My Macbook does this from time to time. I find that if you hit ctrl-alt-del several times the screen will come back. I think it is a video driver issue. I have an older Macbook with Nvdia 9600M-GT
    • I (now) get this pop-up message at seemingly random intervals: “Current script file C:\Windows\Temp\_isTmp_{8675309}\nvdisp.nvu; String being parsed: RemoveDeviceEx pci,VEN_10DE,Display”
      • Were you using the NVidia provided drivers by any chance? May be those were older than the 3.2 update and got overwritten/messed up? I had 260.99 running with 3.1 and the 3.2 update did not touch that.
      • You might want to uninstall and reinstall the latest ones from Nvidia site.
    • SWEET! This FINALLY fixed the issue my 2009 iMac 27″ had with only displaying 16bit colour even when 32bit colour was checked in Windows 7 64bit.
    • (Advice if installing a Boot Camp partition for the first time): After BootCamp installs the initial drivers from your Mac Boot disk you should run Windows update and update to 3.1, reboot then update to 3.2, etc until it doesn’t find any more Boot Camp updates.
    • I am running Boot Camp 3.1 (at least that’s what it says when I right-click the Boot Camp icon on the Win 7 taskbar). I go to the Apple Software Updates and it finds the Boot Camp 3.2 update. I select it and click Install. It downloads the 200+ MB file and appears as if it installls. At the end, I am told to reboot Win 7 to complete the installation. I select Restart. The Win 7 machine restarts with no problems. Everything comes up fine. I get my desktop and there is no “Installation Complete” type message or anything. (I’m not sure if there should be, but in my case there is not.).  The weird thing (and the source of my question) is that if I now right-click on the Boot Camp icon it still says that I have version 3.1..  So on one hand it appears that the download/install goes fine, but on the other hand, when it’s done it appears I still have the old version.  And…if I run Apple Software Update again, I am still offered the 3.2 Update.
      • Yes. This is exactly what’s happening to me on a new i7 Macbook Pro, but in my case I’m using XP Pro not Win7. If anyone has a solution to this I’d love to hear it.
    • (Forum title: “Boot Camp Tips and Reports”)
    • The update includes “critical bug fixes,” though Apple doesn’t specify which bugs. The update adds official support for the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter and MacBook Air SuperDrive. Boot Camp 3.2 also adds support for the ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics card, which is used in the current Mac Pro.
    • I’ve tried to update Boot Camp drivers from 3.1 to 3.2 but it always shows me an error that it cannot continue. It then crashes and closes the installation process. I’ve tried using Apple Update but also downloading the 32-bit version. Nothing works, I have the same issue.
    • Boot Camp 3.2 wouldn’t install. I tried a few things that didn’t work at first, like installing Boot Camp 3 from the install DVD. Didn’t work. I was about to erase BC entirely through the control panel to remove software until I noticed the option to repair. After repairing the installer in for BC 3.1 all of the following upgrades have worked correctly.
    • I find that I keep losing the graphic driver, as when booting in Windows 7 32 bit, it keeps reverting back to 1280 resolution, versus 1440, which it originally displays when you load the drivers.Very frustrating.
    • I have the same issue. Initial install was fine, the resolution was ok, after some software installation — MS Office, Eset Antivirus, VLC player, Windows updates — the machine was restarted in Mac OS, then when it returned to Windows 7 Pro, the display driver was changed to a standard VGA. I have tried to remove and re-install the driver, downloaded drivers from the NVidia site, no luck. I have loaded the latest version of Boot Camp and this occurred about one week ago.

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