To send a clip from FCP to Color – must be in a Sequence



Posted: Nov 24, 2008 1:57 PM

  • Problem:
    • I have FCP Studio w/ Color loaded, as well as Soundtrack and Motion, however when I right click on the clip and choose the “send” to option Color is not part of the drop down menu where Motion and Soundtrack both are.
  • Solution:
    • Only Sequences can be sent to Color, not individual clips
    • You can either send the whole sequence to Color or create a new sequence (command+N) copy and paste your desired clip/s and send that new sequence by either control/right clicking the new sequence in the browser>send to> Color or go to File send to>Color.
    • You can still send your highlighted clip to Color and the application will open keeping your clip highlighted but the rest of the sequence will show up too.
    • Please note that communication between FCP and Color is handled thanks to XML transfer.


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