Avid TransferManager

Avid TransferManager – questions:

  • What is it, what is it useful for?
  • How avoid startup message?
    • The TransferManager server name is not set.  Please set the TMClient.ini parameters in the Transfer settings


  • Is e.g. for uploading to a Playback Server
  •  If annoying, can remove programs TM-server and TM-client (in Windows:  Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs)
    • But then how get them back again if required?  Maybe best to leave in-place…


  • http://community.avid.com/forums/p/93170/530502.aspx
    • If you are going to use the TM (e.g. using a playback server), you need to configure it in MC – settings – transfer setting
    • If you are not planning to use the transfer manager services, there is no need to install them. So in that case you can remove TM-server and TM-client in windows system control panel (add/remove programs).

What’s a Playback Server like?

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