WordPress – Getting Spaces Between Paragraphs


  • In this blog, I never moved beyond novice newbie level of WordPress use.   I’m using the WordPress service that comes as part of OneAndOne’s hosting.  I edit via their web-based editor, which I now realise is a widely used one, called TinyMCE.  That editor is frustrating to use, not only because it is fragile and clunky but in particular if I try to break text into paragraphs then it removes the break, producing a single block of text.  Surely there is a better way, but I have little time to invest in looking into this.
  • The main workaround I have been using is to employ bullet-point lists.  Each paragraph goes under its own bullet-point.  The result doesn’t look too great but at least it’s better than monolithic blocks of text.

But there are other ways.

The simplest, I just discovered right now (by making a fortunate  mistake) is to click the Indent button, even when there are no bullet points.  This seems to put the text into a paragraph-respecting mode.

I wish I had found this a long time ago!  Though it’s still a bit clunky/fragile, e.g. how come this very line didn’t get spaced only one line below the previous paragraph…

There is also another approach:

Can I upgrade the version of WordPress on my OneAndOne package?

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