Avid: AAF, MXF, OMF, OPAtom

  • http://www.avid.com/static/resources/common/documents/mxf.pdf?featureID=997&marketID=1
    • My Interpretation:
      • OMF is Avid’s ancient container-format, now superseded by MXF.
      • MXF is container format, it can contain both media and metadata.
      • AAF is a metadata representation that can be used within MXF.
        • Furthermore, the AAF metadata in an MXF file can be mapped into an AAF file [.aaf].
      • AAF defines arrangements of pieces of media and also effects.  I guess it’s kind-of like a timeline then (?)
        • For XDCAM-EX, does the AAF Export process essentially make [.aaf] files that glue together the (content of the) [.mp4] files recorded by the camera?

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