Backup & Archive to Multiple External Drives: “Retrospect Backup” tracks what’s where

Once captured, the next problems are backup and archive.  Here is one man’s solution:

  • We capture to a 2TB drive and edit from it as well. Then once it starts to get full, we use Retrospect Backup software to move files from the 2TB drive to smaller removable drives. Retrospect keeps track of the drives and once they fill up, you can just add another one. The main reason we do it this way is that Retrospect keeps track of all the data so that it’s very easy to find and restore projects. You can view them by the date you saved them or you can simply do a search…even for individual files. Plus, because they are firewire 800 drives, the restore process is very quick (at least it is right now with standard def DV footage….HD footage will take up more space)
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    • It also has other useful info e.g. the transfer rates experienced in practice.


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