Avid AMA Limitations & Workflows

Avid’s AMA allows direct use of media files in proprietary formats such as XDCAM-EX (BPAV folders etc.) , no need to import, just link.  However there are limitations, according to the Sony XDCAM and XDCAM EX AMA Plug-in Guide (as of 2011-06-08, relates to Media Composer 5.0):

  • No automatic relinking:
    • If the path to the AMA media changes (e.g. when files moved or a drive’s letter gets accidentally changed) then error message complains “Offline”.
      • Windows UNC (Universal Naming Convention) paths are not supported with AMA media.
        • To link AMA media, map it to the drive.
      • The Dynamic Relink option is not supported with AMA clips.
  • Avid does not support MultiCamera editing with AMA clips.
  • When the AMA setting is activated (default), the traditional import options [File > Import P2 (and Import XDCAM Proxy)] do not appear in the File menu. Deactivate the AMA setting and restart Avid to display those option.
    • But only AMA mode preserves the XDCAM metadata e.g. from camera settings and (presumably) any user/clip/log information entered via Sony’s Clip Browser.
  • You should not mix workflows. Either use the AMA method or use the traditional import/batch import method.
  • Some suggested workflows:
  • The following gives a great practical guide, based on a range of shoot-types (news, doc etc) and also explains aboutRELINKing from AMA to media that has been copied to Avid storage.

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