Avid MediaComposer 5 & Cineform (Neo)

It is possible to export to [QuickTime>Neo] and then eve to AMA-link to it:

    • http://techblog.cineform.com/?p=3137
      • Steps:
      1. File->Export
      2. Select “Send to QT Movie” in the Export Setting dropdown at the
        bottom of the export window.
      3. Select an output location and input output file name.
      4. Click “Options” to the right of the Export Setting dropdown
        1. In the “Options” window:
        2. Export As: “QuickTime Movie”
        3. Width x Height: match your source or input desired scale size
        4. Select “601/709″ if you have NOT selected “Enable 4:4:4 encoding”. If
          you have, select “RGB”
        5. Display Aspect Ratio: “Native Dimensions” if you are not scaling,
          desired output if you are.
      5. Click “Format Options…”
        1. Sound: Checked, uncompressed, 48kHz, 16-bit, Stereo
      6. Click “Settings”
        1. Compression Type: CineForm HD/4K/3D
        2. Frame Rate: Current
        3. Depth: Millions of Colors+
        4. Quality (Set at user discretion, recommended “High” or “Best”)
      7. Quality Options: “Enable 4:4:4 encoding” and “Interlaced video
        source” are options to use at your discretion
      8. Click “OK” as you navigate back to the original “Export” window, and click “OK” again to start your export.
      9. Upon completion, go back to your project bin, right-click and select “Link to AMA File(s)…” and
        navigate to your new file.
      • For 3D projects, you will want to do one of these renders for each eye, then mux the outputs back together for a 3D master, as described here: http://techblog.cineform.com/?p=3071

However one person found that while the basic codec worked OK with Avid MC, the FirstLight LUT-altering aspect did not:

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