Cineform Settings – Further Tips

Prevoius post said (quoted):

  • High quality is for finished material (e.g. to be output to DVD/BluRay) …
  • …but if further grading is a possibility then use Filmscan 1.  Filmscan 2 is overkill.
  • For extensive post, filmscan and 4:4:4 is probably a benefit. But note that 4:4:4:4 requires lots of power and raid arrays.

New, from

  • For most workhorse acquisition, post, and rendering uses we recommend either High or Film Scan.
    • By the way, the background on the naming of “Film Scan” is that this mode was designed to accurately reproduce the characteristic of film grain during film scanning.
  • Certain applications don’t exploit the temporal nature of the CineForm algorithm, and resulting YUV file sizes are approximately 25% larger than (otherwise).  This doesn’t impact visual quality, only compressed file size.  These applications include Sony Vegas and Apple Final Cut Pro.
  • Also for consideration: When selecting a higher quality setting (FS1 versus High for instance) the recorded files are larger (and) more CPU (is used) for real-time playback.

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