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Avid After Effects EMP is an Avid-supplied plugin for Adobe After Effects allowing that application to use a DNA family video output box such as Mojo or Nitris to provide External Monitor Preview (EMP) on a monitor.  Helpful in order to make use of that Avid box for the Adobe After Effects application, both for convenience and consistency.  Unfortunately it does notwork with the more recent DX family, such as the Mojo DX box.


  • http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/45/854828#854832
    • Jeff Mullen, 2005 (six years ag, but presumably some points still salient)
      • Avid After Effects EMP is a plugin for Adobe After Effects allowing an External Monitor Preview (EMP) on a standard NTSC or PAL monitor.
      • The EMP plug-in for AE comes on the main Avid disk. So if you download the update or current version for your Avid Xpress Pro, and ran the install file, you would be able to install it from there.
      • With the EMP, it works with versions (I believe) 6 and lower because AE 6.5 has a default setting for previewing your comp on an NTSC/PAL monitor . (It’s under Edit -> Preferences -> Video Preview) Then, just change your output device. The Avid EMP does something very similar, except instead of going to the Video Preview setting, its under Avid EMP or something. But I believe they do the same thing.
      • As far as AE and Avid working together, its a bit tricky. My workflow right now between the two goes like this:
        • I edit a sequence/clip in Avid.
        • Export it out of Avid as a Quicktime Reference file.
        • Import that into AE and do whatever on it.
        • Render it our of AE using the same settings as the sequence in Avid. My file output is a Quicktime with the Animation codec.
        • Then I import that into Avid.
  • http://community.avid.com/forums/p/85388/483137.aspx
    • 2010
      • EMP only works with DNA family, not DX family. (so it isn’t going to work for (Mojo DX) anyway)
      • AE EMP won’t work on DX Mojo or Nitris.
      • I have the same problem, I have Mojo DX and I’m not able to view my AE video using EMP.
  • http://cstest.avid.com/forums/t/87011.aspx
    • 2011 April
      • …n the lastest version v5.5.1. it listed a bug fix for: ‘After Effects EMP Plugin did not install properly on Windows 7 systems.’
      • D’oh.  Found it in the Installers when you say you want to install individual products,
      • …but when I try it says the ‘specified path is empty’…  Guess this is still a bug then…
  • http://notes.llmcd.com/FXGuide.pdf
    • (Avid® Effects Guide
    • The Avid After Effects EMP (External Monitor Preview) plug-in allows you to use your Avid DNA hardware to view an Adobe After Effects® composition on an external NTSC or PAL monitor. This allows you to preview how the composition will look in the Avid editing application while you are working on the composition in After Effects.
  • http://www.vocas.nl/webfm_send/730
    • (Avid Editing Application ReadMe)
    • Bug Number: UDevC00145786. After Effects EMP Plugin did not install properly on
      Windows 7 systems. This has been fixed.
  • http://community.avid.com/forums/t/63829.aspx
    • 2008-Octber
      • 1. If you use a Mojo (Classic/SDI) or Adrenaline, the Avid After Effects EMP still works.  The EMP was designed to work with DNA hardware by way of the Avid DIO Runtime (software and drivers used to control the DNA hardware).
      • 2. If you have a Mojo DX or Nitris DX, the Avid After Effects EMP will not work.  As you may notice, there is no Avid DIO Runtime software installed when running Mojo DX or Nitris DX.
      • 3. If you are running Avid software only (no hardware at all), Avid After Effects EMP will not work.  As stated in condition 1. you will need to have a DNA device (Mojo, Adrenaline, etc.) attached to utilize the Avid After Effects EMP.
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