Avid MC: Update 5.0-5.5: SmartSound Sonicfire Pro

Installed SmartSound Sonicfire (“The Music Score for Your Vision”). Wanted to install version 5.5.2, from Avid MC 5.0 install disk (it is unchanged in MC 5.5), but the installation hung (problem with disk or at least incompatible with my MBP’s reader?).  No download was available for this product on my Avid Download account, while on the SmartSound website, only the latest version (update), namely 5.7.0 (on Windows, else 5.7.1 for Mac) could be downloaded.  However that downloaded and installed fine.  The Sonicfire app also pulled in some additions to its sound library, initially from the web and subsequently from SmartSound’s Core Sessions disk (which was fully readable); spontaneously once I inserted it.

The Blow-by-Blow Account:

  • Avid MC 5.0 install disk for SmartSound Sonicfire (“The Music Score for Your Vision”) had version 5.5.2.
    • This is also the correct version for Avid MC 5.5.
    • Staying with the Avid-specified version minimises risks.
    • But it doesn’t install properly from this disk, at least not on my MacBook Pro.
      • Installation hangs at start of “InstallShield” stage.
      • MBP’s disk-reader shuttles about continuously.
  • At http://www.smartsound.com/support/updates.html?product=sfp5 the latest version is instead 5.7.0 for Windows and 5.7.1 for Mac.
    • But the version changes log lists nothing of benefit and also the Windows one is a “dot zero” version; such versions are generally worth avoiding.
    • Having no choice, I dowenloaded it, but it turned out only to be a Patch…
    • Contacted SmartSound and they gave me a download link to a complete installer for their latest version (only), version 5.7.0.
      • It’sd called a “Demo” version, but all it needs is my license key.
  • Installed the complete download:
    • Installed OK – no problems.
    • Ran the Sonicfire application
    • The app offered to download additional sound library items etc. – I said YES.
    • Inserted the SmartSound Core Sessions disk that came with MC 5.0 (sic)
      • Sonicfire app recognised this and offered to install these sounds to system disk.  I said YES.
  • No problems that I can see.
  • This completes the AVid MC 5.5 upgrade.

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