Avid -> Vegas: File Transfer

Avid -> Vegas File Transfer:

  • How can I use files that were made with AVID within Vegas?

Vegas does not support OMF, but Vegas 6.0 (and newer) now supports AAF (“Advanced Authoring Format”) which is a new format that builds substantially upon OMF.  With that being said, use the AAF format rather than OMF for Vegas.  If you are using an earlier version of Vegas, below is a solution that should work well for you:

  1. Export your audio tracks from AVID to .wavs or .aifs, along with a low-rez video proxy file.
  2. Export the AVID tracks dry (no EQ). You might consider doing only a synch/dialog (and maybe scratch music) track in AVID, then exporting only those tracks. Do all the FX, ambient, ADR, etc stuff in Vegas so you’ll have more control of your audio. It’ll also be worth it to re-layin the music, but your scratch music track will make it easy to synch this up. Edit/Mix in Vegas, using the proxy video in Vegas as your reference picture.
  3. When you are done with the mix, save out “Left” and “Right” .aif files, and open those back up as LeftMix/RightMix tracks in AVID.
  4. Synch them to (AVID) picture (should be easy if you saved out from “timeline start” in both apps). If you are lucky enough to have AVR77+ you could playback right off the timeline and record to tape and be done. If you are adding this media online, create a Video only edl, dump the mix to your deck (match the timecode) and auto assemble your video over the top.


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