AviSynth’s AvsP and avs2avi under Windows 7

The context (AviSynth>AvsP>avs2avi):

  • The AviSynth greater community has developed a number of applications to simplify the development and use of AviSynth command-scripts.  One of these is AvsP, an AviSynth-script editor, has an option [Tools > Save using avs2avi].
  • Under Windows XP, this prompts for a location then prompts (in a separate popup) for codec details, then AviSynth renders (via avs2avi) to the required output-file.
  • There is a step-by-step tutorial at http://www.animemusicvideos.org/guides/avtech3/amvapp-avisynth.html

A problem (works under XP but not W7):

  • Under Windows 7 Pro 64-bit (which can also run 32-bit apps), avs2avi merely produces an error message: <<AVIFileOpen failed, unable to open “f:\tmp.avs” : The operation completed successfully.>>  The last bit (“successfully”) merely indicates that the application (avs2avi) does not make a very thorough successfulness-check!
  • This issue was previously encountered & investigated back in March 2011: http://blog.davidesp.com/archives/247

Searching for a solution:

  • Experiments, unsuccessful:
    • After much web-trawling, I discovered a new version of AvsP, called AvsP(mod).  But it made no difference – same problem.
    • Next I tried running avs2.exe on its own, both with and without Compatibility mode enabled.  As well as XP-SP3 (which caused a further problem), I tried even older modes (that didn’t).  But no joy, the same error message was obtained.
    • I downloaded the latest version of avs2avi and also I tried the one that comes bundled with AvsP(mod), in its Tools folder,but again, no difference.
  • Asking for advice:


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