AviSynth: Frameserve Virtual AVI: VFAPI & Alternatives on Windows 7

Context & Problem:

  • I want a way to serve an AviSynth media stream into NLEs etc., e.g. Sony Vegas.  I have done this for years under Windows XP-SP3 (32-bit).
    • Partly just for the flexibility of having this option.
    • Partly (as explained at http://blog.davidesp.com/archives/388), as a workaround to another problem with old software under Windows 7.
  • However an attempt at installation in Windows 7 failed – because (I now know) the installer is obsolete (and hence incompatible) with respect to Windows 7.
    • VFAPI requires to be installed, via .bat/.inf files, so that for example it appears in the Registry.
    • But the installer fails under Windows 7.  It is compatible with XP but not Windows 7 (or Vista).
    • It is possible to manually “hack-install” VFAPI into Windows 7, but that causes me anxiety…

Possible Solutions:

Searching for a Solution:

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