avs2avi works fine under Windows 7 (W7)

  • Not sure why, but suddenly avs2avi.exe works fine on my W7 system.
    • Didn’t knowingly alter anything.
    • The only change I’m aware of is I uninstalled AviSynth 2.5.8 and installed AViSynth 2.5.7.
  • I’m using avs2avi as part of AvsPmod 2.2.0.
    • AvsPmod is itself in Compatibility Mode for WIndows XP-SP3 (otherwise it doesn’t work)
    • However I have not put avs2avi in compatibility mode.
  • It (avs2avi) works fine, both from AvsPmod and as standalone.
    • Just ensure it has write permission to its destination of course (no that wasn’t the problem before).

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