AvsPmod and x264.exe

Playing with AvsPmod, tried the [Tools > Save to MP4] option.  It prompted for a path to x264.exe.  Searched for one on my system – but there was none.  Searched in this blog but, although I’ve downloaded it before, I obviously didn’t blog it.  Web-search etc revealed http://x264.nl/ where for my context and purposes the 32-bit app of 8-bit depth worked fine (the other variants did not)


  • Google: [x264]
  • Google: [x264.exe]
    • http://x264.nl/
      • Has download links for x264.exe in a few varieties
        • App:(32-bit, 64-bit) X Depth:(8-bit, 10-bit)
        • For use in AvsPmod on my system, only the 32-bit version worked.
        • For the result to be usable in my NLEs, it needs to be 8-bit depth (not 10-bit)
        • Regarding the 10-bit variant:
      • The 32-bit app with 8-bit depth worked fine.

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