Ringed Planet in Boris RED

Problems when I first tried it (ultimately I just adapted a pre-built project by a much more experienced user):

  • Wrap % only goes to 100%, can’t use that to stretch a strip to repeat itself twice – is there another way to do that?
  • Tried specifying a bitmap to go round the sphere.   File “world.topo.200407.3x21600x10800.jpg”.  Image size is 21600×10800.  Fails: image too large.
  • Using separate graphical editor (Gimp 2), scale the image to width 4096 (height locked by aspect ratio is 2048)
  • Boris now accepts it but scales-up the sphere to accomodate the image rather than scale-down the image to match the existing sphere size.  So it now fills the screen…
  • Enter X-scale 40 (Y and Z are linked to this).  Sphere now looks good match in size to the belt.

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