iPhone 4 Tips: Task Management

To open the iPhone’s “Task Manager”:

  • From “Home” screen, double-tap the Home button.  This brings up a mini dock / task manager at bottom of screen.  It is a slidable band of icons, only four of which can be fitted on screen.  Slide left to see other icons.  Slide right to see media player transport controls and volume level slider.  Press-hold any icon to get them all wiggling and with a red “X” on them. In each case, the “X” force-quits the task associated with the icon.

If an app is misbehaving or is exhibiting unusually sluggish performance, you could try quitting tasks for apps not currently in use as they each tie up some portion of memory, even while in a suspended state.  If that does not work, try a power-off/on reboot.  After that there is Hard Reset (though when I tried it, it didn’t reset everything).  To Hard Reset, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button for about ten seconds, then you should see the Apple logo indicating reboot.

  • http://www.pureblendsoftware.com/FAQs/10193/3/38/
    • How to Force-Quit apps in iOS 4
      • If (an app) is misbehaving or is exhibiting unusually sluggish performance, this could be an indication that your iOS device is running low on memory. This has become more of an issue in the iOS 4’s multi-tasking environment.  (In that case try force-quitting un-needed apps)
        • Exit the current app by tapping the Home button once.
        • Wait a moment, then double-tap the Home button.
        • A mini-dock appears at the bottom of the screen, showing all running apps.
        • (Tap and hold any app’s icon in the mini-dock until they all start wiggling).
        • Tap the red X button in the top left corner of an app’s icon to force-quit the app. You may want to repeat this for many of the other apps running as they each tie up some portion of memory– even while in a suspended state.
        • Finally, a simple reboot can improve your iOS device’s performance. To reboot: hold down the power button for several seconds until the red “slide to power off” screen appears. Slide the red arrow button to the right. The iOS device will power off. Then press the power button again to power it back up.

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