XDCAM-EX: Picture Profile by Marvels Film

  • http://forums.creativecow.net/thread/142/864634
    • (Looks like a modification of Bill Ravens’ profile I found a couple or so years ago, except that profile had G-B = 32 and no white offset or ATW+2, and the Detail was not set. ¬†Gamma was -40, STD1, Black was -12, Black Gamma was 0)
    • Matrix: On, High-Sat, Level 0, Phase -5, R-G 75, R-B 0, G-R -18, G-B -23, B-R -27, B-G 13. This gives a beautifully balanced color matrix.
    • White: on, Offset A +2, Offset B +2, Offset ATW +2. This will give you a beautiful warm picture, by elevating the reds a little bit
    • Detail: On, Level 0, Frequency +65, Crispening 0, Black limiter +75, White limiter +75. This gives a very nice definition without the artificial sharpening artifiacts. Ideal for DOF adapter shooting.
    • Gamma: Cine-1 for rich-contrast situations, Cine-3 for low-contrast situations. Make cine-1 your standard and avoid cine-4 (too noisy in the shadows).
    • Black: -3 or -4
    • Black gamma: -2. Will help to reduce noise in the blacks.
  • I choose instead the following Detail settings:
    • On: Level -5, Freq +25, Crisp +20

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