Mac OS Upgrade: Leopard to Snow Leopard

Upgrading a Mac Pro from Mac OS Leopard to Mac OS Snow Leopard.  Now that I’m no longer mid-project, and have some “spare” time, I’m ready to have a go.  Experiences:

  • Paranoia:
    • Will the installation offer an “Upgrade” (as opposed to “Fresh Install”) option?
      • It didn’t ask me
    • Will my Boot Camp partition be at risk?
      • Doesn’t seem so.  The installer recognises the partitions and asks which one you want to install to.
    • Any install instructions/advice/tips:
  •  Steps Taken:
    • Backup both partitions – Mac OS & Boot Camp.
    • Check installation disk appearance of quality
      • It was slightly marked.  Could not easily be cleaned.
    • Boot to install-disk
      • Prompted for default/custom install
        • Looked at Custom option, it installs everything except Rosetta.  That app is only needed when running old (PowerPC) apps.  It is being phased out (along with the apps…).  If an app needs it, you will be prompted to download it anyway, so no real disadvantage in omitting it, in fact an advantage – running any ancient apps will highlight them as such.
      • Installation started
        • From top-menu, selected option to display Logger.
          • Indicated that the process “migrated” my Preferences.  Sounds hopeful…
      • Run-time
        • Estimated 42 minute.  Still said that 10 minutes later.
        • The estimate was about right – maybe an over-estimate – it’s just that the progress was nonlinear.
      • Completion:
        • Prompted to Reboot.
    • Reboot
      • Started up with no apparent problems.
      • Prompted me for my contact details.
        • Some of them needed updating – I did so.
  • Success!
    • So far…
  • Backup
    • Prior to any Apple Updates (system, apps…)

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