Vodafone USB Modem Stick

I have a Vodafone USB Modem Stick (cell broadband dongle) which was obsolete even when I received it (free/gratuit).  Its design intention was you plugged it into a computer and, like some storage devices (e.g. memory sticks) the computer installed its driver software and you were ready to go.  In practice however it does not work either under Windows 7 or Mac OS Snow Leopard.  Some things report failure to install and/or the machine crashes if yoy try to boot up with the dongle already plugged in, or if plugged in after restart, a message requests further restart.  There is no way out into a state where it can perform its main function.

The dongle is a Vodafone K3765, which I have heard is actually an Icon 411 made by Option .  It will allegedly run on Windows 7 but not pay-as-you-go.

I wonder if a newer version of the dongle (and any associated application software or drivers) is available.  Then again, what’s the point if I can use the phone, especially as it’s less hassle all round (fewer technical complexities and hence possible issues, simpler purchasing all-in-one contract including data). Maybe I should just get it crushed?

  • From search in vodafone.com on [k3635]:
      • You will need the K3565R USB Modem Stick for Windows 7 on pay as you go.
      • The K3565 USB Modem Stick supports Windows Vista and XP, but not Windows 7 on pay as you go.
    • http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Mobile-Broadband/Snow-Leopard-Fix-For-K3760-Usb-Pro/td-p/246052
      • Snow Leopard Fix For K3760 Usb Pro
      • James:
        • Ok so like many of you I have the K3760 so called Vodafone Usb PRO which used to cause Kernel panics when running Snow Leopard on my 2009 MacBook Pro.
        • I could not wait any longer for the VF fix and so searched the net with this topic providing the answers and yes it works 100% and I am using the Usb Pro to type this
        • The vodafone k3760 stick is actually an Icon 411 made by Option (it just has a vodafone sticker on it) see their site here
        • visit the site below and load the driver for the SL Mac.
        • Yes, thats right, Option have already updated their drivers for snow leopard. Just download and install this and your stick will work perfectly. If it isn’t set up already, you will need to configure the G141x Modem device that comes up in the Network preferences panel.  So i found my G141x in the network settings and simply typed in *99# in the telephone number field.  It’s stable with no errors I have completed a speed test and get as of this morning 2mbs down and .5 up so not too bad for where i live.  I understand that this is not a VF fix however it works and is a solution in the short term.
        • I forgot to add thr most important section this will NOT work unless you UNINSTALL the Vodafone VMC. This is not the same as delete or placing VMC in the waste basket you must uninstall otherwise you will simply get the kernel panics.
      • Adam:
        • If the software is demanding a username and password then you can enter web for both the username and password.
      • George (Tech Team):
        • We’ve just announced that the VMC Mac Dashboard for Snow Leopard has been approved by our testing team. Further details can be found on our Snow Leopard thread
          • {I tried it, 5 Jan 2012,  but the link was broken}
  • From Bing search: [vodafone broadband dongle driver]

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