Mac: iPhoto: Library/Storage & Local/NAS

Given an iPhoto library on a Mac, how could/should it be used in combination with external storage such as a NAS?

  • How copy files between them, e.g. where does iPhoto store / reference its content?
  • Is there any way to set up iPhoto to automate/simplify backups or synchronisations?

Answers (I found / discovered by experiment):

  • iPhoto stores photos in a specialised iPhoto Library object, kind of like a zipfile you can’t open or expand.
    • The full path is [/Users/xxxxxx/Pictures/iPhoto Library]
    • But the only practical use of that knowledge is that, via [Finder > Get Info], you can see the iPhoto Library object size change as you import etc. photos.
      • e.g. I tried it and initial size was “4.5 GB on disk (4,493,054,358 bytes)”, then after adding a few photos it increased to “4.51 GB on disk (5,501,769,018 bytes)”
  • To import photos to iPhoto library:
    • iPhoto: [File > Import to Library]
      • It’s OK to select a folder
        • e.g. NAS had folder [20017_01_27], among others, under a[photos] folder.
    • But the imported photos were not grouped into Events.
    • Tried importing again and it highlighted that some were already in the library, gave option to skip them.
  • backing-up the iPhoto library:
    • iPhoto Help
      • Use Time Machine
      • Use an iDisk
        • A “virtual disk” that is part of a MobileMe account.
      • Burn to DVD etc.
      • {Nothing about external drives}
      • {I guess then there is nothing in iPhoto specially suited to my wishes, so I just backup as I would any other stuff}

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