Mac OS: Boot Camp: Windows Upgrade: The Experience

Steps Taken:

  • Old Experimental Disk > Boot Camp
    • Identified existing version as 2.1 (that came with Mac OS Leopard).
    • Discovered I needed it to be Version >3.1 to handle Windows 7.
      • Attempted to update it automatically, via existing-installed Mac and Windows (XP), but neither worked.
  • Cloned Current Mac OS > Snow Leopard system to experimental disk, over-writing (only) the existing Mac OS installation there.
    • Used SuperDuper in free (gratuite) mode.
  • On clone, updated relevant software:
    • Mac OS > Boot Camp Assistant
      • Download Windows Support Software.
        • I assued that would give me the latest version…
        • But Boot Camp failed to update – it said “The Windows support software is not available”
        • Wasted time retrying a few times…
        • Discussion at indicated this was a known issue, and the work-around was to go for the second option, “I have the Mac OS S installation disk”.
      • Located Mac Pro (desktop) install-disk for Snow Leopard (it was in a thin cardboard box, along with iLife etc).

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