FCP can be installed on >1 machine (tech & license)

I wanted to know, if I bought a MacBook, could I run my existing copy of FCP on that too.  The answer appears to be “yes”, and thankfully without the hassles/risks/worries of having to activate/deactivate etc.

According to [http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2254660&tstart=0]

  • There is no technical limit to the number of installations. There is also no deactivate function in FCS as there is in Adobe products.
  • The whole point of the agreement allowing (1) Desktop and (1) Laptop is that Apple acknowledges that some people will use FCP on a MacPro for primary use, but when they travel they need to use it on a laptop. So in this case the one copy is on two machines, but will only be used on one machine at a time.
  • The user cannot have it on the desktop machine and use that while another editor in another bay uses the laptop with the same copy. That is not allowed.
  • The language in question is “so long as both computers are owned and used by you.”
  • (the license) does specifically state that the software can not be used over a network by multiple users at the same time, but it does not specifically state that one user can not use the software on a desktop and laptop at the same time.

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