Final Cut Pro – some YouTube tutorials I visited

Some good stuff I picked up from some randomly visited Final Cut Pro (FCP) video tutorials on YouTube.   Now that my main project, based inside Sony Vegas, is finishing, it’s time to start getting far more familiar, comfortable and effective with Final Cut.This tutorial (by a child, re Lego “brick videos”) shows how to use the 3-way color corrector for secondary color correction.   What’s nice is he shows where this feature is (slightly) “hidden” and how the source hue-space can be aggregated by eyedropper shift-clicks.  His slightly uncertain demonstration encourages me to blunder about – not to be frozen by uncertainty!

The following tutorial assumes you know what a 3-way color corrector does so takes that for granted.  Instead it concentrates on how to do it efficiently in FCP, by virtue of FCP’s handy bits and pieces such as Favourites effects-folder and CopyFrom(clip-1..-2) and CopyTo(clip+1..+2) buttons.

This one explains when you would want to use Sequence Nesting.  Some of the reasons are not immediately obvious.  Looks much slicker than Vegas’s nested projects (though I have yet to experience for real).  Also it shows handy way of creating nested Sequences on-the-fly i.e. you don’t always have to pompously do [FCP:File>New>Sequence] etc.   On the side, it demonstrates some generic “handy working” features of FCP.  For example, instead of tree-climbing down to find a filter/effect, you can use [FCP:Help>Search], it works like Spotlight, e.g. if you type in “Level” or “3-way” it puts you there in the effects menu, ready to drag.  Another handy feature is [Clip:Option-DblClk] to get a timeline clip into the viewer (no need to laboriously drag it there).

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