Adobe CS6 Upgrade Alongside Existing CS5

Q: Can I install CS6 alongside CS5.5

A: Yes (it seems so, though I’ve yet to confirm it)


    • Title: What happens to the old CS5 software and plugins once I upgrade?
    • Question (by Oren Grif ):
      • What happens to the old CS5 software and plugins once I upgrade? Do they merge together or act separately and Independently?  I own Production Premium with a few plugins running on them, like magic bullet looks for example running on photoshop, premiere and after affects.
      • once I upgrade will i have to install the plugins again? will they even install on cs6?  Will the installer of premiere, for example, notice I allready have an older premiere and merge them?   Should I just manually uninstall the older one?  Will uninstalling premiere cs5 not uninstall cs6?
    • Answer (by David__B (Staff), 07-May-2012):
      • The CS6 software is separate and doesn’t require that you uninstall previous versions. If you uninstall with the Adobe uninstallers generally any directories which were not created by Adobe installers are not removed. So if you uninstalled your CS5 products any third party CS5 plug-ins are not removed. Depending on the third party plug-ins, you may have to manually uninstall them or they may have their own uninstaller.
      • Whether plug-ins purchased for a prior version work with the latest version of Adobe software is hard to say. I would go to the maker of the plug-in website for compatibility information. You  would need to install the plug-ins again.

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