Cineform and Alpha Channels

The full (paid) version of GoPro-Cineform Neo (as I have) does support alpha channels.

(A colleague initially thought otherwise – but that impression turned out to be based on info from old forum threads)


    • David Newman, “9 months ago” (hence presumably November 20122)
      • 4:4:4 and 4:4:4:4 (with alpha channel) requires at least CineForm Neo or as it is soon to be released under a new name “GoPro CineForm Studio Premium.”
    • Mar 12: v4.30 Build 240
      • Summary: Many, many new features you should check out below.  Definitely a recommended updated.
      • Added: Alpha channel reading support for CS4
    • Feb 22: Ver5 5.31 Build 304
      • Summary: Numerous feature enhancements and bug fixes.
      • System Features: Codec/Imports, etc.
      • Added: support for r408/v408 decodes with alpha channel.
      • Added: Alpha channel exports from Premiere Pro CS5.
      • First Light: Added: support 4444 (alpha channel) sources to use FirstLight and Active Metadata corrections.
    • The DNxHD is good stuff, but Cineform seems to do a better job on a few levels (such as handling alpha channels and providing 422 from a 420 original video source… to name a few).
    • Avid to AE? Dont’ use Cineform as an export. Use QT ref with DNxHD. Cineform, for me, is just a step to convert AVCHD to near lossless quality, then DNxHD ro Avid. Onve you are in Avid just export Qt Ref with DnxHD – no need to export to Cineform
    • The free GoPro Cineform Studio program installs a light version of the Cineform codec (no 4:4:4 colorspace or alpha channel), but it is usable in any compatible program for both decoding and encoding. It’s maximum resolution, I believe, is 1920×1080 (the purchased Cineform codec can go higher).
    • The GoPro CineForm Codec supports RAW camera formats such as Bayer patterns as well as RGB and YCrCb with an optional alpha channel and color difference sub-sampling.

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