Gimp: Wavelet-Based (& Other) Plugins for Gimp v2.8

There exist Wavelet-based filters/plugins for Gimp.

Simplest to use are the Wavelet Sharpen and Wavelet Denoise filters.  Nevertheless, the following text-tutorial for Wavelet Decompose filter, provides a useful grounding in the pragmatocs of what wavelets are (in our image-editing-in-Gimp context).

I stumbled upon the following Forum thread, including a download (Zip file) of a number of filters compatible with Gimp v2.8, including Wavelet-based ones.  Here’s the link:

Once installed, the Wavelet filters are available in Gimp’s Menu:

  • Wavelet Sharpen in [Filters > Enhance]
  • Wavelet Denoise in [Filters > Enhance]
  • Wavelet Decompose (into Gimp Layers) in [Filters > Generic]

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