Best NLE for MultiCam Editing? FCPX for Mac, LightWorks for Windows (and in future for Linux then Mac OS)?

As explained as part of my recent “Best of Breed” post, I wish to identify the best NLE for multicam editing.  It is possible to achieve such editing in a variety of NLEs, with much the same technical quality.  What matters here is friendliness and flexibility, leading to productivity (and hence, in limited-time situations, to greater product quality).

I like the sound of FCPX (with required add-ons) on Mac OS and of LightWorks which is currently on Windows only, soon to go Linux and intended in future to be on Mac OS also.  I need to watch a few YouTubes about these and and give them a try.  Hopefully I can get a colleague with FCPX to demonstrate it and als I plan to download/install a copy of the free version of LightWorks.  Then try them out on archived previous live-event multicam projects.


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      • Title: “Benefits of different NLEs”, by Mike Miller, 2013-02-15
      • Masqutti:
        • Try Lightworks. You can get it for free(restriction on some codecs), and even pro-license costs only like 60$ / year.
        • It’s beyond premiere, vegas and final cut. It’s based on atracity, hollywood-quality NLE, but turned into windows and after some time linux and mac also..
        • It uses GPU for realtime grading, transition etc. basic on-screen effects, and works fast. My lousy old 2-core computer could playback 2 full HD videos with it at once (editing multicam) that had some color correction etc applied. All rendered in realtime. Goodbye to Final cut renderingtimes… 🙂
        • It’s pretty much different from those other NLE’s so there is a learning curve, but if you get a hang of it, It’ll pay you back.
      • {That sounds intriguing … must investigate}
    •!-Multi-cam-shoot-in-24p-One-camera-was-wrongly-set-to-30i (2013-06-15)
      • jfein:
        • Multi-cam shoot in 24p. One camera was wrongly set to 30i.
      • dustylense:
        • purchase FCPX and edit the multicam in there. First, it’s the BEST multicam editor out and second, FCPX will conform that 30i for you easily.
      • jnpons:
        • FCPX is a good option…
    • (presumably current)
      • LightWorks.  Below are some of the things that are highlights to me.
      • Platforms:
        • Currently Windows-only, but a Linux release is “around the corner” and a Mac OS one is intended in the future.
      • Variants & Cost:
        • It exists in in Plain (free, gratuite) and Pro (paid) variants.
        • I see from that only the Pro variant can read formats such as XDCAM-EX and RED.
        • For the Pro variant, you rent/subscribe-to it (rather than buy it), broadly like Adobe CS6:
        • Currently (at time of of posting) the UK price for the Pro variant is £40/year, no discount for multiple-years.
      • Multicam
        • Multicam editing can be difficult without the right tools. Fortunately Lightworks has some of the best tools available with our unique Sync Group. Use unlimited sources in any format or resolution for a totally intuitive multicam experience.
      • Storyboarding:
        • Sometimes you just want to sketch out an idea. Storyboarding in Lightworks is easy and allows you to go from a rough idea to a full edit in just a couple of seconds.
      • Comprehensive Drag and Drop support
        • Drag and Drop editing is a powerful way to move content into an edit. So we’ve added some enhancements that take this to another level. It’s easy to insert and replace, and there’s a unique ability to drag sections of edits back to a bin for future use. LiSometimes you just want to sketch out an idea. Storyboarding in Lightworks is easy and allows you to go from a rough idea to a full edit in just a couple of seconds.ghtworks’ drag and drop functionality is flexible, fast and efficient
      • Powerful trimming tools
        • Trimming in Lightworks is more advanced than any other editing software available. Unjoin cuts, associated cuts or multiple non-adjacent cuts for complex trims that would require several edit operations in other software.
      • Re-link to hi-res media
        • Work online or offline and always be able to re-link to hi-res media for a bandwidth-saving workflow.
      • Stereoscopic effects
        • Lightworks has full support for Stereoscopic workflows, all the way from import, to edit, effects and export. With its powerful multicore media engine, Lightworks handles the complexities of keeping left and right eye media in sync and deals with effects and transitions seamlessly, freeing you to concentrate on the creative side.
      • Node based effects compositing
        • Layer and re-route effects, or build complex compositions using Lightworks’ node-based effects composition and video routing tool. Turn individual effects on and off, and add new effects into the chain with ease.
      • Fold and Unfold effects
        • Adding multiple effects can be difficult to manage, so Lightworks provides the ability to ‘unfold’ effects onto their own FX track. Each effect can be trimmed or moved like a regular clip. Fold effects back to tidy up the timeline view and provide a clutter free interface.
      • Realtime blurs
        • Blurs are often difficult to process. But with Lightworks GPU effects architecture, adding blurs is a breeze. Adjust in realtime and playback – no rendering.
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