iPartition the RAID

Used iPartition (3.1.0, 153)  to split the existing RAID into separate volumes for the existing HFS+ volume and additionally an NTFS volume, the latter for use by the BootCamp-XP system. Steps:

  1. Mac OS X: Unmounted the RAID
  2. Mac OS X: Start iPartition (3.1.0, 153) .
  3. iPartition: Select RAID disk
  4. iPartition: Reduce existing HFS+ partition to around 50% of disk.
  5. iPartition: Create new NTFS partition: (Name=”NTFS_RAID”, Type=’Microsoft FATor NTFS Data’, Size=’As large as possible’, Location=’Wherever it will fit’, Option=’Format this partition’).
  6. iPartition: Press the GO button (the above operations just stacked the jobs in a queue).  Completed in a minute or two.
  7. iPartition: Select HFS+ partition and press ‘Mount’ button.

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