MacBookPro ExpressCard FW Adaptor

Need a TI-chipset based ExpressCard FW adaptor.  Ideally should be compatible with both FW400 devices (e.g. camera) and FW800 devices (e.g. external storage).  See what PCWorld have:

    • “ 2 Port ExpressCard 1394b FireWire Laptop Adapter Card – FireWire adapter – 2 ports, … £43.46 inc. VAT” (as of 2010-10-11)
    • This 2 Port ExpressCard FireWire Adapter Card adds two 1394b FireWire ports to a laptop computer, providing a cost-effective way to add IEEE 1394A and IEEE 1394B FireWire devices even if the laptop doesn’t have a built-in FireWire 400 or FireWire 800 port. Simply insert the IEEE 1394B FireWire 800 card (EC1394B2) into an ExpressCard slot, and you’ll be able to connect a broad range of FireWire devices to your laptop, while relying on data transfer speeds of up to 800 Mbps . Plus, the card is backward compatible with 1394a devices, so you can connect both FireWire 400 and 800 devices to the notebook, using the same adapter.
      • ” Chipset: TI – XIO2213A “
      • ” OS Compatibility: Windows 2000/ XP(32/64bit)/ Vista(32/64bit)/ 7(32/64bit), Mac OS 10.5.x and up, and Linux “
  • Tried an ExpressCard FW adaptor (unsure which one) but it didn’t even become visible to W7 as a device…

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