DNxHD Tips


  • Avid updated/fixed the DNxHD Codec Configuration Window with their Oct (2010) release…
  • http://avid.custkb.com/avid/app/selfservice/search.jsp?DocId=372311
  • The Avid codec can only exist in a .mov Quicktime wrapper. A big deal on a lower powered computer like my Core2Duo but pretty much a non-issue on any quad core.
    • Not true. However, the FREE version only exists inside an .MOV. And yes, this is a problem for Vegas.
    • (For) a Quicktime codec … you need QT installed.
  • I noticed there is no 1080p in 29.97 frame rate with DNxHD. Damn.
    • Sure there is 1080/30p. The things on the list for you to select are SUGGESTIONS. Use 1080/24p. It will work just fine, and won’t change your video to 24p.
  • If you need a tool to convert to DNxHD you can tryout Avid’s Metafuze
  • Is there a primer of which of the CODEC selections are which? There are 6 formats and each has slightly different setting available.

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