Avid MC: Update 5.0-5.5: Sorenson Squeeze (Which Version?)

Sorenson Squeeze – a well-known compressor/encoder, bundled as part of Avid Media Composer (MC) but also an independent product in its own right.

  • Avid specify a specific version but also it is available from Sorenson itself in various updates.
    • The MC 5.5.2 manifest specifies a specific version of Squeeze, namely 6.0.4.
    • I choose instead Sorenson’s own update for Avid users, namely v6.5.
      • The reasoning is below (under “More…”).
  • Also activated the “free MP3 Codec” bundled with Squeeze.


  • Various versions exist, as detailed below.  It is important however to stay with the version on the manifest for MC 5.5.2, the downsides of updating being:
    • Risk of incompatibilities
    • Risk of “step backwards”feature changes/removal in the version update.
    • No support will be given by Avid and risk of reduced response (especially from Gurus) on the Avid forums.
  • The install-disk (from MC 5.0):
    • Is not entirely readable by my MBP’s CD/DVD drive.
    • Includes a QuickTime folder (unreadable), so presumably requires/assumes a particular version of QuickTime.
    • Has no version identification on the disk label.
    • Disk sleeve (white stick-on label) just says “6.X”, seeming (to me) to possibly imply that the dot version is not important (otherwise the white sticky label could simply have been reprinted at low cost).
  • Manifests:
    • MC 5.0 ReadMe:
      • QuickTime Support v7.6.6 (Windows and Leopard), v10 X (Snow Leopard)
      • Sorenson Squeeze “v6”
        • No “dot” let alone “dot-dot”version is stated.
    • MC 5.5.2 ReadMe:
      • QuickTime Support v7.6.9 (Windows), 10 X (Snow Leopard)
      • Sorenson Squeeze v6.0.4.
  • QuickTime installed on my system (prior to Avid installation) is v7.7.
    • So I’ve already “busted” Avid’s QuickTime version requirement, even before Squeeze is installed…
      • Bear in mind the possibility of incompatibility with Avid.
  • The 6.X versions of Squeeze can in principle be upgraded on the Sorenson site for free to version 6.5 (http://forum.sorensonmedia.com/forum/content.php?216-Squeeze-for-Avid).
    • We are in “grey” territory here:
      • Negative:
        • Updating of any Avid suite component beyond that specified in the Avid manifest always carries risks.
          • Possible incompatibility issues, possibly obscure.
          • Reduced general support: no official support and reduced interest/sympathy from Avid Forum gurus.
        • MC 5.0 left the version vague (“v6” or “6.X) but MC 5.5.2 manifest more precisely specifies Squeeze version 6.0.4.
      • Positive:
        • Sorenson’s v6.5 update is targeted at Avid users
          • Of course they are more concerned about their own product, and it may not be taken for granted that they have the same overall view or concern as Avid about overall suite compatibility.
          • But they wouldn’t want to upset their customers, so presumably have done some assessment.
        • My original install-disk for Squeeze is partially unreadable, hence unusable, and I already have the Sorenson Squeeze v6.5 download available.
    • The latest Squeeze version available from Sorenson is 7.0, adding CUDA-assisted encoding.
      • That sounds like one step too far!  A whole-number version-increment, and “dot zero”; “asking for trouble” on both counts…
  • Decision:
    • I will install my existing download of Sorenson’s Squeeze update of v6.5.
    • If any issues arise then first suspicion will be on version compatibility.

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