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iPhone to FCP – video conversion (& droplet)

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

  • Suppose you shot video on an iPhone and want to edit it in FCP:
    • iPhone records to 720p24 h.264 with 44k aac audio+
    • FCP can part-handle the H264 but not any kind of compressed audio.
      • It will play H264 video but not any Real Time (RT) effects.
  • Transcode it e.g. by using Compressor:
    • Drag your video file into Compressor
    • Under Settings type LT into the search box.  The top hit should be for Apple ProRes 422 (LT).  Select it.
    • Duplicate it (since only a duplicate can be altered).
    • Fix the audio:
      • Select the duplicate in the top window and the inspector will light up.
      • The first Inspector tab is for the Summary – we need to press the second one to get access to the encoders.
      • On the Encoder tab, switch the audio from Pass-through to Enabled.
      • Then, to its left, press the Audio: settings button.
      • Change the Format to Linear PCM, Stereo (L R), 48kHz, sample size 16 bits. Press Okay.
  • How to make a Droplet to do this conversion:
    • In Compressor’s Settings window, Clear the Search field.
    • Open the Custom Group (not essential)
    • Select the iPhone to FCP (ProRes LT) and press the button at the top left of the Settings window that looks like a video file with a down arrow.
    • Save the droplet to your desktop (say).
  • Now you can drag your iPhone movies to the droplet (no need for Compressor to be open), it’ll throw up a dialog box, press submit and Compressor will transcode them to a ProRes format suitable for FCP.