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OpenOffice Tick/Check Symbol

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Using OpenOffice Writer under Windows, I wanted to insert a tick/check symbol.

To do that, you haveto temporarily select the [Open Symbol] font, then scroll down, it is Unicode symbol [U+2714].  Additionally, [U+2714] is the same thing but heavier/bolder.

There is also such a symbol in Wingdings, but its use is advised against, as Wingdings can vary on different systems.


iPhone Photos & Videos to Apple Mac iPhoto

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

How get photos & movies out of iPhone:

  • Mac (Mac OS):
    • Plugged-in my iPhone (4) to MacBook via USB.
    • The iPhoto app auto-launched, displaying thumbnails of all iPhone’s photos & videos in iPhone’s Photos section (though not those taken by the PanaScout app), and offered  to Import All or Import Selected.

Where the iPhone photos/movies go (on the Mac):

  • Macintosh HD > Users > davidesp > Pictures > iPhoto Library
    • Get Info:
      • Size 738 MB
      • Opens with iPhoto

How to get iPhone photos into a document:

  • Mac > NeoOffice (3.1.1): Tools > Add-Ons > Show media browser
    • Can’t simply insert an image file – no such file exists, they’re all in the iPhone library/database file.

How to get iPhone photos into Gimp:

  •  iPhoto > Menu > iPhoto > Preferences > General > Edit Photo: Select Applicaton: Gimp
    • Can’t simply drag it in, not even by using desktop as a “stepping-stone”.
  • Warning: Gimp can “Save” an image back to iPhone’s library, but that image is not then displayed in iPhoto.  Possible risk of corrupting iPhoto library?

How to get photos/movies out of PanaScout (an iPhone camera app for cinematographers):

  • PanaScout saves images/movies to its own space (library/whatever), but can export to iPhoto library and to other places.
  • PanaScout has a Send To button (an outline-box with arrow emerging).  Options are:
    • Send Email
      • Sends using the email account you configured for your iPhone
    • Save to Library
      • The iPhone Library, that is…
    • Upload
      • FinalCut, MobileMe, SmugMug


OpenOffice Links – Info, Help, Extensions

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

  • Releases
  • Get Started
    • If you are new to, you might be looking for user guides, FAQs, HowTos, application guides, and training. To find information about documentation, go to:
  • Do More
    • Experience new functionality and adjust to your needs. Maximize your productivity with the help of extensions which add functionality, slight tweaks to the user interface, or entirely new features to the productivity suite. Go to for a complete list of available extensions.
  • Get Help
    • If you cannot get your questions answered through the documentation and the Online Help provided with, the Support area provides a number of links to free and commercial support offerings: