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Windows 7 failure configuring windows updates

Friday, October 15th, 2010

  • Step 1: Check the update history

    Let me know if the description of the updates that have failed status.


    Step 2: Manually try installing the updates from Microsoft Download Center

    a.    Go to the Microsoft download website, type the “KB” number of the update into the download search box, and then click Go.

    b.    In the list of search results, click the Knowledge Base (KB) article link to go to the download page. If there’s more than one listing, look for a link that goes to the Microsoft Download Center.

    c.    If there are multiple versions on the download page, find the appropriate one for your computer. Click the Download button, and save the update to your desktop.

    d.    When prompted, click   Open to install the update.


    Step 3: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter


    Step 4: The update is not installed successfully, you receive a message, and the computer restarts when you try to install an update in Windows Vista and Windows 7


MacBook Pro – Windows 7 – Tips

Monday, October 11th, 2010

  • Keyboard Mappings
    • Home – fn + left arrow
    • End – fn + right arrow
    • Page Up – fn + up arrow
    • Page Down – fn + down arrow
    • Print Screen – fn + shift + F11 (and for just the current window fn+shift+alt+F11)
    • Del – fn + backspace
    • Windows key – cmd
    • Pause/Break – fn + esc (you can therefore bring up the system properties with cmd+fn+esc – normally Win+Pause with Windows keyboard)
    • Hash symbol (#) – ctrl + alt + 3
    • Ctrl-alt-del – ctrl + alt + fn + backspace

MacBookPro 17″ FW800 Workaround – ExpressCard FW Port

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Someone else had a problem with MacBook Pro’s Agere-chip-based FW800 port, their successful solution was to install an ExpressCard-based FW400/1394 (& 2*USB2) adaptor.

    • ” … early 2008 non-unibody model … worked perfectly with … Mbox2 Pro (firewire 400) and Protools (7.4cs2), both in OSX and in Windows XP through boot camp. “
    • ” … with the newer, unibody MBP … the Mbox2 pro and PT 7.4 work perfectly in OSX, but … in XP, … it freezes. “
    • ” … it might be because the firewire chipset on the new MBP’s is an Agere, whereas the one I had on my old MBP was Texas Instruments. “
    • ” So, I’m thinking about investing in an ExpressCard firewire adaptor with a TI chipset so that I can use PT in windows “
    • ” The one I’m leaning towards is here:…82E16839328006 it says it has a TI XIO2200 Chipset. “
      • Link dead as of 2010-10-11
    • ” I ended up buying a firewire expresscard (bytecc bt-ecu2fw), which features a Texas Instruments XIO2200A chipset, and success! “

MacBook BootCamp Issues (USB Slow? Apparently not…)

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Issue or Non-Issue?

  • USB2 port reportedly “throttled back” under Boot Camp:
  • My own measurements indicate there is no such issue:
    • 167Mbps when transferring a 75GB file from one USB drive to another, on a MacBook Pro.
    • About the same observed when repeated on a standard Windows laptop.
  • What should be expected in theory?
    • USB2 raw data throughput is 480 Mbps but throughput in practice is more like 300 Mbps.
    • When copying disk-to-disk, additional delays may exist.  Googling around, a rate of about 1GB/minute (as per my measurements) doesn’t seem that unusual.

Mac recommended downloads

Monday, October 11th, 2010

I found this site with recommended downloads for Mac.  Looks good..