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Skimming in Adobe Premiere CS5.5 and (?) FCP7

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Skimming  (after a fashion) is not only available in FCPX:

  • Skimming in Adobe Premiere:
    • From &
    • <<This is a feature that experienced editors have been using for years.  Instead of using the “ultimate slow method” of double clicking a clip in the project panel and opening it in the source monitor, just move the mouse over any clip while pressing a shortkey, and set in/out points on the fly.>>
      • Organization & Layout:
        • Suppose you have a few Source sequences, such as one sequence per rush, or maybe per scene.
          • Maybe also combine all rushes into a single (additional) sequence.
        • Create a main “Target” sequence.
        • Open/place a “Source” timeline  along the whole width of the top of the screen.
        • To that timeline, add sequences (tabs) for each of the Rush-Sequence(s)
        • In the centre, have the program monitor along with a scope
        • Below that, open/place a second timeline, this time for the Target sequence.
        • Now you have two separate timelines and can drag etc. individual clips (maybe trimmed) from the Source timeline to the Target timeline.
          • Just remember it’s not the same as using the Source Monitor.
      • To Enable Skimming:
        • Make a keyboard short cut (e.g. [§] ) to the [Move Playhead to Cursor] function
          • In CS5.5, that function is in [Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts > Panels > Timeline Panel > Move Playhead to Cursor]
        • When holding that shortcut, the playhead will follow the mouse.  No need to click mouse and drag the playhead.  Also no audio scrubbing occurs.  A very slick way to search for that certain something.
      • Tips:
        • Lift [;] and Undo [Ctrl-Z].
          • The [;] does a “Lift Edit” between [I] and [O] points.
        • Extract is supposed to be [‘] but on my [MacBook Pro > BootCamp > WIndows 7] it is [\]
        • [Drag] does a copy, not a move.
        • To drag only the video or audio part, do [Alt-Drag]

Cineform Neo is now GoPro Studio Premium

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

This great codec has changed its product name once more.  I have GoPro/Cineform Neo installed and it said there was an update available.  But on the download page I could not see [Cineform Neo] anywhere.  A web-search revealed that it is now called [GoPro CineForm Studio Premium].

    • (<<about 78 days ago we said, RT @David_Newman)
      • First public beta for the new GoPro CineForm Studio Premium application that soon replaces CineForm Neo (PC version)>>
    • Neo and Neo3D are going away, to be replaced with GoPro CineForm Studio Premium (Neo level) and GoPro CineForm Studio Professional (Neo3D level.)
    • These applications incorporate much of the functionality of the older products in an easier to use new user interface that combines the conversion features of HDLink with the image manipulation of FirstLight.
    • As not all existing features are supported today within the new interface, FirstLight and HDlink will continue to exist for some time, although they will not be greatly enhanced beyond bug fixes.
    • Mac users will find the same for Remaster, with its key features moving into CineForm Studio (Mac and PC applications will be much more inline.)
    • All future enhancements with go into the new application, and today MVC 3D camera support has been added, with much more to come.