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Cramming a Multi-Hour Movie onto a DVD

Monday, December 27th, 2010

  • Very simple estimation method is to divide the length in minutes into 600.
  • Example: 5 hours is 300 minutes, so 600/300 = 2Mbps.
  • Assuming you use 192Kbps for the AC3 audio, 2Mbps – 192Kbps = approximagely 1.8Mbps for the video

My proposed workflow for Sony Vegas / DVD Architect (DVDA):

  1. In Sony Vegas:
    1. Render the audio on its own first, as AC3-Pro.
    2. Check the remaining space. Allow say 4% headroom (safety-margin). Maybe more, to create deliberate physical margin at edge of disk (where handling-marks are likely to occur). Adjust video rendering properties to achieve this.
    3. Render the video on its own. Check its size is as expected.
  2. In DVD ARchitect:
    1. Add both audio & video to a DVDA Project.
    2. In DVDA, do a Prepare, skipping past any warnings about disk space.  Presumably if source files (audio and video) are in same format as target and no “Fit to Disk” is selected then it should only do Wrapping, not Compressing (?)