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iTunes New Legal Conditions (All 56 pages of them…)

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Like many, I was staggered by the inundation of new terms and conditions unleashed upon me, for my perusal and acceptance/rejection, out of the blue when all I was trying to do was purchase an iPhone app.  It was late and I’m not a solicitor so I aborted the purchase.  Now I’ve had the chance to see what other people are saying about them, I guess it’s time to move on (for me – I’m not advising anyone that that would be good (or bad) advice).   Legal stuff is always worrying…

Anyhow, here are some links I found helpful:

Mac OS Upgrade: Snow Leopard: Apres-Install

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Before checking for updates, install the bundles, iWork and iLife.  Reasoning: they were designed at the same point in time, at which they were most likely to be compatible; it is possible that later Mac OS updates could (in principle) detract from this – so I opt to “play safe”.

  • Install iWork
    • Occupies about 1 GB
    • Installed in about 10 mins
  • Install iLife
    • Occupies about 3 GB
    • Installed in about 30 mins
  • Apple Update
    • Estimated duration 6 hours – so do it overnight instead (set a reminder!).

iPhone Photos & Videos to Apple Mac iPhoto

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

How get photos & movies out of iPhone:

  • Mac (Mac OS):
    • Plugged-in my iPhone (4) to MacBook via USB.
    • The iPhoto app auto-launched, displaying thumbnails of all iPhone’s photos & videos in iPhone’s Photos section (though not those taken by the PanaScout app), and offered  to Import All or Import Selected.

Where the iPhone photos/movies go (on the Mac):

  • Macintosh HD > Users > davidesp > Pictures > iPhoto Library
    • Get Info:
      • Size 738 MB
      • Opens with iPhoto

How to get iPhone photos into a document:

  • Mac > NeoOffice (3.1.1): Tools > Add-Ons > Show media browser
    • Can’t simply insert an image file – no such file exists, they’re all in the iPhone library/database file.

How to get iPhone photos into Gimp:

  •  iPhoto > Menu > iPhoto > Preferences > General > Edit Photo: Select Applicaton: Gimp
    • Can’t simply drag it in, not even by using desktop as a “stepping-stone”.
  • Warning: Gimp can “Save” an image back to iPhone’s library, but that image is not then displayed in iPhoto.  Possible risk of corrupting iPhoto library?

How to get photos/movies out of PanaScout (an iPhone camera app for cinematographers):

  • PanaScout saves images/movies to its own space (library/whatever), but can export to iPhoto library and to other places.
  • PanaScout has a Send To button (an outline-box with arrow emerging).  Options are:
    • Send Email
      • Sends using the email account you configured for your iPhone
    • Save to Library
      • The iPhone Library, that is…
    • Upload
      • FinalCut, MobileMe, SmugMug


iPhone – Alternatives to iTunes for Synch with Outlook ?

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

 I want to synch my iPhone with Outlook, but the standard way, via iTunes, …well…, involves iTunes (that I don’t want).  Is there an alternative?  The answer seems to be that you can synch but it has to be via another server, be it Google Mail or a specialised third-party product.  The simplest way to synch Outlook to Google Calendar is by using a downloadable app from Google.   Further details and options are given below (under “More” or whatever).


Apple iTunes Bloat (and how to minimise it in Windows)

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The default install of iTunes carries with it a bunch of entities and startups, some of which may not be needed.  If already installed, then first you need to uninstall it.  Ideally via Add/Remove Programs (whatever) but even then some registry entries may persist, that could cause problems later due to entities you may choose not to install.  Having “cleaned” the machine of iTunes and its Bloat, the subset of entities you choose can then be installed individually, command-line fashion.  You can select just the ones you need, plus the ones they depend on.